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Brain Meets Brawn as Protocol Signs Pact with London Chessboxing

Brain Meets Brawn as Protocol Signs Pact with London Chessboxing

Protocol Sports Marketing Ltd. today announced at SPORTELMonaco 2019 that it has been selected as the exclusive worldwide media rights distributor and sponsorship agency for London Chessboxing.

Chessboxing is an incredible hybrid of boxing and chess that provides the ultimate clash of both brains and brawn. Fighters go head-to-head through alternating rounds of speed chess and boxing. Highlights of the sport have recently been seen on major broadcasters including ESPN, ABC, BBC and ITV.

London Chessboxing is the world’s leading promoter within this emerging sport. Its events are traditionally sold-out shows with an incredible atmosphere reminiscent of darts or live professional boxing – proving that Chessboxing is amongst the fastest-growing hybrid sport in the world. “Instant appeal,” exclaimed BBC One in a televised piece featuring London Chessboxing. “The audience is unanimous in its enthusiasm”.

With the guidance of Protocol Sports, London Chessboxing will build upon its continued growth while also taking the sport to new markets and increasing recognition around the world. In Protocol Sports, London Chessboxing engages a full-service sports marketing agency that offers clients a tailored approach, and access to an expansive network of broadcaster, streaming service and sponsor brand clients worldwide, which will lead to the accelerated growth.

“It is no secret within the industry that Protocol Sports is passionate about boxing. But we also love chess,” says Lowell Conn, President of Protocol Sports Marketing. “London Chessboxing’s migration of the two disciplines into one unique and entertaining sport is an attractive combination that we could not resist. We are delighted to be working with London Chessboxing to generate meaningful media rights and sponsorship opportunities worldwide.”

“London Chessboxing has accomplished significant growth selling out tickets for multiple live events and developing our digital audience through livestreaming events on Twitch. With the addition of Protocol Sports at our side, we now have the commercial expertise and network to help guide our sport to increased viewership, participation and market value” says Tim Woolgar, CEO of London Chessboxing.


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