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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A surprise decision in February by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) saw the sport of Wrestling removed from the list of core Olympic sports. Today, sports marketing / rights distribution firm, Octapixx LIVE, and the world’s fastest-growing wrestling promotion, TCW Wrestling, are proud to announce that collective industry lobby efforts have succeeded, and that the IOC has voted to restore the sport of Wrestling to the official Olympic programme.

Distributed worldwide by Octapixx LIVE, TCW WRESTLING (52 x 60’, HD) is a weekly sports entertainment television series showcasing the wildly entertaining wrestling storylines, feuds and matches that take place during live events of TCW, the world’s fastest-growing wrestling promotion. The series features well-known and rising stars of wrestling including Matt Riviera and the 7’2” giant Titan, as well as appearances from several wrestling legends such as Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Diamond Dallas Page, Cowboy Bob Orton, and many more.

In a joint communiqué issued today by Octapixx LIVE and TCW to IOC president Jacques Rogge, the Olympic leadership was congratulated for recognizing the historical importance of Wrestling, and for ensuring that it remains a part of the Olympic programme for Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

“Both Octapixx LIVE and TCW Wrestling were greatly disappointed when the IOC first announced that it would remove Wrestling from its list of core sports,” reads the letter sent today by Octapixx LIVE and TCW Wrestling to Rogge. “We applaud your decision, and we are very happy that the collective effort to ensure that the sport of Wrestling retains its rightful place in the Summer Olympics has proven to be successful.”

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