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Beach Soccer Worldwide Selects Protocol Sports Marketing As Exclusive Media Rights Distributor

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Beach Soccer Worldwide, the entity behind the founding, growth, promotion, and development of beach soccer around the world, has selected international media rights distributor Protocol Sports Marketing to lead global media rights efforts on a multi-year basis.

Founded in 1992 and sanctioned by FIFA in 2005, Beach Soccer Worldwide boasts 211 national associations, with the highest ranked national teams including the likes of Brazil, Portugal, Senegal, Switzerland, England, and more. Affiliated with FIFA and the IOC, Beach Soccer Worldwide hosts over a dozen beach soccer tournaments annually including international and club competitions such as the Euro Beach Soccer League, World Winners Cup, FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifiers, Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup, and more.

The agreement between Beach Soccer Worldwide and Protocol Sports Marketing will see the renowned sports media rights distributor exclusively market and license Beach Soccer Worldwide’s live broadcast catalogue in a majority of the world.

“Our team is excited to work closely with a reputable media rights distributor such as Protocol Sports Marketing,” says Beach Soccer Worldwide CEO Joan Cuscó. “Our values are aligned, and the vision we have for the continued growth of our beautiful sport is one enthusiastically shared by their team. We can’t wait to see how an innovative team like Protocol expands the accessibility and viewership of our sport globally.”

Known for over a decade as the leading distributor of boxing rights worldwide, Protocol has recently expanded beyond the sweet science by announcing acquisitions in sports such as Rugby, Volleyball, Bare Knuckle Fighting, Axe Throwing, Poker, and now, Beach Soccer. “Beach Soccer has one of the most interesting cross-sections in the sports world, and we have identified several unique indicators and opportunities for the major growth of Beach Soccer in our fast-evolving sports industry,” says Protocol President Lowell Conn.

For more information, please contact Jugal Yadav via email at or by phone at +1 416 449 9400 ext. 235.


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