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“Boxing World Weekly” production continues with plenty more positive developments on tap

Protocol Sports Doubles Down During Covid-19 Uncertainty

With live sporting events on hiatus due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic – and lives disrupted at a pace never before seen – it is vital for our sense of normalcy and well-being that some things remain the same.

Protocol Sports Marketing is pleased to share that it continues to deliver its ongoing newly produced sports programming to broadcasters and streaming platforms all over the world, and the company will continue to do so throughout this crisis.

Protocol’s production company subsidiary – Boxcaster Inc. – reports continued production and delivery of “Boxing World Weekly” (48 x 30’ per year). Boxcaster has successfully migrated its entire team of producers, writers, voice talent and editors to work safely from home while producing the high-quality product that is presently being televised by scores of major broadcasters and streaming platforms globally.

Now in its fourth year of production, “Boxing World Weekly” is the industry’s leading weekly Boxing magazine television series, and provides broadcasters and streaming platforms with a weekly, easy-to-digest, narratively driven series telling the ongoing stories of championship professional Boxing.

While Boxcaster continues to produce and Protocol Sports continues to deliver, neither entity is satisfied to conduct business as usual during this difficult time. As such, Boxcaster is already in late-stage development of a new weekly series that will be introduced to the industry in the coming weeks.

“Our team mobilized seamlessly to continue delivering ‘Boxing World Weekly’ uninterrupted, and at the same time, we found new efficiencies to create new programming,” says Boxcaster producer Dillon Goldsmith. “We are excited for buyers to see the new series which is nearly ready to go.”

For his part, Protocol Sports Marketing President Lowell Conn is very proud of the efforts by Boxcaster and Protocol to deliver value to the industry during these uncertain times. “In addition to Boxcaster’s production work, there are other excellent developments at Protocol Sports that are almost ready to share with our industry,” says Conn. “Our message to broadcasters and streaming platforms is simple: You are looking for new content to showcase on your channels in these next few months, and Protocol Sports has you covered.”


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