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Protocol Sports Marketing Appointed Exclusive Media Rights Distributor for “SKI TV”

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Protocol Sports Marketing Appointed Exclusive Media Rights Distributor for “Ski TV” Protocol Sports Marketing has acquired the worldwide media distribution rights to “SkiTV”, the premier ski magazine television series. This show presents an exciting new opportunity for viewers to travel the world, exploring the best places and destinations that the premier winter sport has to offer. Audiences will experience breathtaking images as they visit the best places to ski in Europe, Asia, Canada, the United States and South America. The world-class series will guide people through the exciting experience of international travel, highlighting unique stories, exciting competitions and the distinctive lifestyle each ski excursion offers. In the 2021 season, SkiTV's half-hour episodes will transport audiences to beautiful resorts located in Soelden, Austria; Wengen, Switzerland; Kitzbuhel, Austria; British Columbia, Canada; Beijing, China; and Lapland, Finland.

“SkiTV content is of interest to any market with ski travelers, and we have long envisioned expanding our distribution beyond our current markets of Canada and China,” says Managing Director Mark Kristofic of S-Media, producer of the series. “We are very excited to have formalized our partnership with Protocol Sports Marketing. They are very good at what they do and have repeatedly shown how effective they are at leveraging their strong relationships with broadcasters everywhere by securing tangible opportunities for their rights holders." “It is a pleasure to work with S-Media to introduce SkiTV to broadcasters around the world.” says Khaled Abdalla, Director of Sales for Protocol Sports Marketing. “SkiTV blends sport and lifestyle to present a compelling series that offers unparalleled access to some of the best ski towns in the world. We are confident that the tremendous success SkiTV has experienced in the Canadian and Chinese markets will translate into international success as we introduce the property to broadcasters around the world."

ABOUT S-MEDIA S-Media is a winter sports media production company with expertise in skiing, snowboarding, hockey, winter fashion, and outdoor adventures, which has produced content in Chinese, French, and English. Beyond media production, the S-Media team includes a mix of media production experts and sports development experts who bring a unique perspective to sports programming and storytelling. ABOUT PROTOCOL SPORTS MARKETING LTD. Protocol Sports Marketing Ltd. ( is the global rights distributor, sponsorship agency and sports marketing agent specializing in developing new and meaningful opportunities for rights holders and the sports federations that sanction and /or produce live sporting events and sporting events. Related content. The company eschews the big cash bubble approach to distribution, preferring instead to provide broadcasters, streaming platforms and rights holders with a tailored approach that prioritizes organic and sustainable exponential growth. For more information, contact Dawnlove at or +1-416-449-9400 ext 235.


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